Short Stories

graveyardBelow are links to some of my short stories which I’ve sold recently.

Inner Demons – To be published in Creepy Campfire Quarterly, April 2016.

A scientific experiment attempting to increase man’s intellectual power has unexpectedly horrific results.

Mating Season – To be published in Fossil Lake III: Unicornado, Spring 2016.

Horace Whitley attempts to impress a woman by bringing her to a Unicorn Wildlife Preserve. Unfortunately, the unicorns are evil and mating with human females to create a race of unicorn/human hybrids.

Reluctant Hors d’oeuvresThe Writer’s Arena, April 2015. It proved victorious in a one-on-one battle against another story by a score of 13-11.

The Horace Whitley phenomenon continues! Unfortunately, this story finds him and captured by a band of subterranean cannibals bent on eating him.

The End Times – Included in the anthology “(AFTER) life” by Purple Passion Press.

A horrifying truth dawns on Margaret Bailey as she and her family surround her husband’s death bed.

A Rather Rude Summoning – Included in “Fall of Ctuhlhu” by Horrified Press.

Horace Whitley returns! This time he has had the poor judgement to rescue four crazed cultists in the middle of the ocean who are R’Lyeh-bent on summoning the one and only Cthulhu to come and destroy the world.

Filter – Saturday Night Reader, February 2015.

A bystander tries to makes sense of a horrific car accident by viewing the carnage through his smartphone.

The Seance – Included in Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, Volume 1, Issue 1 by E&GJ Press.

Four teenagers get the bright idea to hold a seance in a graveyard on Halloween.

Blind Date – Included in “Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling” anthology from Sabledrake Enterprises.

Horace Whitley returns, this time attempting to woo an exceedingly dim but extraordinarily-beautiful young woman by bringing her to a romantic couples evening of moonlight demon summoning by a man whose name nobody is able to pronounce.

Unimpressed – Included in “Strangely Funny 2 1/2” anthology from Mystery and Horror LLC.

Horace Whitley attends a woefully-planned summoning of The Terror Which Lurks Below at the estate of Wallace Gronk of the Saxonville Gronks.

Forbidden Knowledge – A self-published collection of Lovecraftian short stories.

A companion to my acclaimed one-man show H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu, Forbidden Knowledge is a collection of stories delving into this horrific production, answering unanswered questions and telling untold tales of horror and madness. Get your copy today!

Leaking – Included in “Dark Tales From Elder Regions: New York” anthology from Myth Ink Books.

Brian Jerrod is having horrific dreams every evening on the subway home from work. They always occur at the same time, at the same point of his journey, and they are driving him mad. Because Brian is convinced they aren’t his dreams at all.

Lovely Island – Chapbook available for purchase from Myth Ink Books. Buy your copy today!

Little Sally loves living with her Daddy on their Lovely Island. Life is simple, Daddy loves her, and as long as she’s a good girl and eats all her shellfish, THEY won’t come after her.

The Contents of the Box With the Ribbon – Fantasy Scroll Magazine, September 2014.

Gordon Bazelton receives an unmarked box tied with a ribbon one fine morning. Within waits a delightful little horror beyond anything he could have ever imagined.

Also included in Fantasy Scroll Magazine’s Year One Anthology: Dragons, Droids & Doom.

Future Imperfect – Roar and Thunder, September 2014.

Jerry knows someone is going to die in just over 13 minutes. He even knows who it is and how they’ll die. He just doesn’t know if he’s going to be the cause or not.

Response to the Board’s Decision to Terminate Project Cornucopia – Mad Scientist’s Journal, March 2014.

Professor August Flemming’s heart-felt letter to the University Board protesting over their recent decision to stop funding his project just because a few people have been injured and/or killed.

Bon Appetit – Infective Ink, October 2013.

Master Chef Pierre Stanislavski’s oven has died and he must brave entering the shunned, long-sealed room containing the second oven to finish serving his customers, despite the horrible rumors of unstoppable evil surrounding it.

The Hell – Encounters Magazine, September 2013.

Something crashed into the barn. Ma’s dead. Pa’s grabbing a shotgun. Jared’s eating glass. And all kinds of weird stuff is going on out there.

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  1. Dear David Neilsen,

    Please contact me at, we have been trying to reach you. You did not leave any contact information on your cover page when you submitted your story, “Inner Demons” to the CCQ submissions Open Call. We sent an acceptance letter on 8/12/15 and have not heard back from you. Your website was the only info provided. Please contact EMP Publishing at your earliest convenience with a proper e-mail we can communicate at. Thank you.

    Jennifer Word – Senior Editor
    EMP Publishing

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