Why Have a Party When You Can Have a Murder?

Whether you have a birthday coming up, are organizing an office party, or just celebrating Arbor Day, don’t throw a party, throw a murder mystery!

I design and host Murder Mystery Parties for groups of up to 50 guests that will have you mingling, backstabbing, gossiping, and plotting with and against your friends and enemies as you all try to unmask the killer in your midst!

Each Murder Mystery comes complete with with secrets and clues, individual goals to achieve, multiple plots to unravel, various scandalous items, and–of course–a dead body. You supply the guests and location and, if you’re feeling especially bold, costumes (and any food or drink you wish to serve). I’ll provide the plot, backdrop, supplies, and inspiration as well as Host the event.

Choose from one of my pre-existing Murders, or allow me to craft a personalized mystery specific to you and your friends!

Fill out the form below for more information! Murder awaits!

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