Legends of Sleepy Hollow

The Legends are Here!


Welcome to Sleepy Hollow. You may be familiar with our most famous resident, the Headless Horseman, but our tranquil, picturesque village has long been home to a wide range of ghosts, ghouls, demons, and other truly disturbing entities.

Legends of Sleepy Hollow brings you 11 original tales of terror centered on our dreamy little village–each helping to further blur the line between natural and supernatural, life and death, light and dark. Plus an all-new forward by Washington Irving!


  • A Most Appropriate Forward… Washington Irving
  • The White Lady of Raven Rock… Jonathan Kruk
  • By This Candle’s Light… Christine Morgan
  • The Devil’s Spindle… Scott J. Laurange
  • Passing Through… James C. Simpson
  • Mayflies… Erza Heilman
  • A Local Superstition… B.B. Stucco
  • Dead Men Rise… Andrew M. Seddon
  • The Secret of Pendlewood Court… Michael Nayak
  • Hell to Pay… Amy Braun
  • The Dying Dream of Major Andre… Robert Stava
  • Within Reach… David Neilsen

Listen to David read his story “Within Reach” on Soundcloud!

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