British Major John Andre Saves the American Revolution

David Neilsen John AndreIn 1780, British Major John Andre was captured by three American militiamen in Tarrytown, New York. Hidden in his boots were the plans to West Point, given to him by the traitor General Benedict Arnold. Had these plans reached New York City and the British, they would have changed the course of history.

Now, after well over two centuries, Major Andre has returned to tell his side of this momentous moment in American History. After all, he was there.

Entertaining, engaging, and 100% historically accurate, British Major John Andre Saves the American Revolution is a 45-minute, one-man performance I created in partnership with The Historical Society of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow that enlightens and amuses audiences from children to adults and every age in between.  Take a trip back to the birth of or nation- the birth that may never have happened were it not for the dashing, daring, and devilishly handsome British Major John Andre!

Contact me using the form below to learn more about this show and to book a performance, or download the brochure for more information (PDF)

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