Beyond the Doors News!

My second book, Beyond the Doors, comes out in less than five months! (Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?) Five months may seem like a long time, but in the world of publishing, it’s the blink of an eye. A slow blink, but a blink.

So even while I shove copies of Dr. Fell in front of anyone with a pair of eyes and most of those with only one, I’m already prepping for the Beyond the Doors roll-out.

  1. I wrote a guest post for a site that is going to do something Beyond the Doors-related at the end of this month.
  2. I have officially signed on to record the audiobook next month! Woo!
  3. Working on another, final, this-is-the-last-round-we-pinky-swear of edits.

The edits are an interesting situation. I mean the book is done. Done, done, done. And now not done. Two things came up.

First, they have decided that I do something too cruel to one of the characters and I must dial it back so that children don’t run into the forest screaming in misery and horror.

Second, I need to change every description of a particular character.

Me: “Why do I need to do this?”

Them: “Because his description doesn’t match the art.”

Me: “Well, the description came first. Shouldn’t the art change?”

Them: “Art is expensive. You are not.”

And so one character is getting an upgrade. Lucky guy.

It’s fun going back into Beyond the Doors, reading bits of it as I edit. A bit like reintroducing myself to an old friend. All kidding aside, the final art looks fantastic, and really compliments the story well, and I’m very fond of these characters.

I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

Author: neilsendavid

Author of Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom and Beyond the Doors.

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