Writing Samples

Leveled Books written for Heinemann’s Fauntus and Pinnell program: Early reader books for grades 4-6. Note: due to the large quanitiy of books written (18), multiple psudeonyms were created. Two of the below samples are written under one of those pseudonyms.

Middle Grade Fiction novels published by Crown Books for Young Readers:

Legends of LearningThis 10-chapter superhero-themed story arc was the foundation for the gameplay for the online educational game, Legends of Learning.

The Quest for Ichabod CraneThis original, family-friendly, interactive adventure for Histoic Hudson Valley on the grounds of Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, NY, during Halloween season engages guests in an interactive theatrical experience.

The EliminatorThis 2004 action film stars UFC Champion Bas Rutten and Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Black ForkTelevision pilot optioned to 20th Century Fox in 2011.

Short StoriesExamples of stories (usually a blend of humor and horror) published both online and in print anthologies.

  • Inner Demons (Creepy Campfire Quaterly, April 2016): A scientific experiment attempting to increase man’s intellectual power has unexpectedly horrific results.
  • Reluctant Hors d’oeuvres (The Writer’s Arena, April 2015): A man is captured by a band of subterranean cannibals bent on eating him, which he finds truly distressful and in poor taste.
  • The Contents of the Box With the Ribbon (Fantasy Scroll Magazine, September 2014): Gordon Bazelton receives an unmarked box tied with a ribbon one fine morning. Within waits a delightful little horror beyond anything he could have ever imagined.
  • Bon Appetit (Infective Ink, October 2013): Master Chef Pierre Stanislavski’s oven has died and he must brave entering the shunned, long-sealed room containing the second oven to finish serving his customers, despite the horrible rumors of unstoppable evil surrounding it.
  • The Hell (Encounters Magazine, September 2013): Something crashed into the barn. Ma’s dead. Pa’s grabbing a shotgun. Jared’s eating glass. And all kinds of weird stuff is going on out there.
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