The Regrettable Adventures of Horace Whitley


2 – Bloodthirsty Book

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A collection of dark, twisted, humorous stories surrounding the affluent scoundrel of the title and his multiple attempts to save the world from untold horrors.

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My Dearest Albertina…

So begins the wildly inappropriate adventures of Horace Whitley.

There are Things out there. Terrible Things. Terrible Things with lots of tentacles and teeth that do a lot of drooling. As Horace encounters these horrors, he does all he can to hold on to his sanity, safegaurd the world from terrors beyond time and reality, and maintain proper decorum in the face of adversity.

Season One:

Horace relates the long, harrowing series of events which eventually led to his sister’s disfigurement.

Episode Two: Bloodthirsty Book

Episode One: Abysmal Abyss

Prologue: A Simple Purchase

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