Something Harmless This Way Comes…

I am very excited to announce the upcoming publication of my next work of MG/YA Horror/Comedy/Adventure, Lillian Lovecraft and the Harmless Horrors.

This is a new series that features a exasperated teenager who gets stuck with an incredibly annoying horrific entity from beyond space and time named Frank. While Frank is more aggrevating than dangerous, he is the harbinger of worse things to come as an ultimate power of darkness sets its single eyeball on devouring our entire realm.

Book One: Abominations From the Abyss, features an annual book sale and pie eating contest, a monster that vomits up smelly eggs, and the world’s best miniature golf course to be modeled on the Spanish Inquisition. It’s coming this September in print and eBook and on Kindle. I’ll post when I have a pre-order link available. Look forward to more news on Lillian Lovecraft and her friends in the near future!

In the meantime, a reading recommendation. I recently had the good fortune to read The Artifact Hunters by Janet Fox and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

The Artifact Hunters
Creepy, cool, and crispy!

This little jewel recounts the story of some very special children who reside at Rookskill Castle in England during World War II. There is magic, there is evil, there are mysteries and faries and evil trees and a really, really creepy mad scientist-style monster. This book is the sequel to Fox’s book, The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle, which I have not read. Truth be told, I was not in any way lost. Had I read her first book (and now I have to go hunt it down and read it), I would have known some of the characters beforehand and had an idea of some of the history of Rookskill Castle. That being said, I had no problem following this book, as it not so much a direct sequel as it is another story featuring some, but not all, of the same characters. In fact, the main character is new to the series, so we learn about Rookskill as he does, which is always a plus.

Find yourself a copy, sit down and enjoy.

And look for more information on Lillian Lovecraft soon!